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April 28, 2017

This show featured two live phone interviews – one with Justin Piche, who talked to us about a new campaign against prison expansion in Canada, and one with Dara Bayer, who talked to us about the International Conference on Penal Abolition. We also aired audio from Sojourner Truth Radio featuring the voices of family members of hunger strikers in Riverside County Jail in California.

The new campaign against prison expansion in Canada is called #NOPE and they’re collecting signatures here:

Information about ICOPA is here:

For the original audio from Sojourner Truth Radio, check out

We also shared news from a prisoner correspondent in New York State, Chas Ransome. Chas wanted us to tell folks about an upcoming event called Unite for Parole and Prison Justice: A Day of Advocacy and Action, which is taking place on May 10th, 2017 in Albany, NY. The day starts at 9:30am in W. Capitol Park at Washington & Swan. For more information check out #ParoleJusticeNow! and #ChallengingIncarceration NY



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