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October 13, 2016

This show featured Krystal Rountree and Mallah-Divine Mallah from Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March. They are a part of the I am We Prison Advocacy Network. They are organizing a march on Washington DC in August of 2017 to demand the abolition of the 13th Amendment.

The show also featured a news item from inside correspondent Chas. Chas asked us to share the following message concerning parole hearings for prisoners in New York State.

“For all those who have a relative in prison, please support your loved one by writing, calling, or emailing your New York State Senator to demand fair and impartial parole hearings. Please let your representative know that by supporting fair parole hearings you will support them for re-election. The practice of bias and politicized parole hearings is a drain on the tax payers that must stop! Show your support for our incarcerated loves ones! Thank you! For more information: Please call the governor’s office at: (five one eight) four seven four eight three nine zero or visit Register your complaint! Stop this abuse of discretion! Please make sure the New York State Governor knows your position. Let him know that if he continues to allow parole commissioners to abuse their “discretion” he will lose your support!”

You can download the entire episode here



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