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February 11, 2016

This show featured audio from Mumia Abu Jamal via Mumia speaks about Leonard Peltier who is dealing with critical health problems. Leonard’s supporters are asking people to write letters on his behalf. You can find out more information here:

The show also featured the final segment of audio from a panel that happened in Montreal in the fall of 2015. The panel was organized by the Center for Gender Advocacy and its topic was Native Women and the Canadian Prison Industrial Complex. In this final segment from the talk, Sheri Pranteau talks about her experiences growing up and her experiences with imprisonment. Sheri is a 37 year old native woman, mother and partner who was convicted of Manslaughter and Robbery-Use of a firearm in 1999. She served 17 years in prison. She has been out on parole for the past 5 years. Before prison she lived in so-called Winnipeg, Manitoba. She grew up in a family coping with alcoholism, abuse, and violence.

The show ends with a documentary from the Freedom Archives project about George Jackson. You can check out the Freedom Archives here:

To download this entire episode of the Prison Radio Show click here



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