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Prison Radio Show – March 13, 2014

Bret Grote is a lawyer with the Abolitionist Law Center. Bret is one of the lawyers for Russell Maroon Shoatz, a Prisoner of War and one of America’s longest held political prisoners. Maroon has spent a total of over 3 decades in solitary confinement because of his political activism inside. We spoke to Bret Grote last month about Maroon’s case, of getting Maroon out of solitary confinement; his case being before the courts at that time. On February 21st Maroon was transferred from solitary confinement to the general prison population, after Judge Eddy had granted Maroon’s lawsuit against prison authorities the right to continue despite their attempts to have it dismissed. We discuss what this means for Maroon as well as for other prisoners and in addition to what the next steps are in his case.

We have an interview with Bomani Shakur, also known as Keith LaMar, who is a member of the Lucasville 5. The Lucasville 5 are five prisoners who were framed for the murder of snitches and guards in the 1993 Lucasville prison uprising. In this interview Bomani speaks about where his case is at this time, amongst other things. He recently wrote a book titled: Condemned which we also discuss. Bomani is on death row at the Ohio State Penitentiary.

Political Prisoner Marshall Eddie Conway was released after 44 Years earlier this month. Despite Eddie Conway’s insistence on his innocence, it took years for Conway and his attorneys to find a way to overturn his conviction. A small hearing on March 4, 2014, in an obscure courtroom at the Circuit Court for Baltimore City ended with the release of former Black Panther Marshall Edward Conway, who has spent nearly 44 of his 67 years in maximum security prisons. We air an excerpt of an interview shortly after his release that previously aired on Democracy Now.

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