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Prison Radio Show – February 13 2014

Note: There were technical problems throughout the show which you will no doubt notice. Unfortunately we were unable to resolve this issue at the time. However the content of the interviews is very interesting and we hope that you’ll have a listen.

We aired a couple of commentaries by journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, beginning with one about P.O.W. Russell Maroon Shoats. Later on in the show we aired his commentary about C.L.R. James in honour of Black History Month.

We interviewed Bret Grote, an investigator with the Human Rights Coalition, a Pennsylvania-based prison abolitionist and prisoner rights organization as well as a lawyer with the Abolitionist Law Center. Bret is also one of the lawyers for Russell Maroon Shoats, a Prisoner of War and one of America’s longest held political prisoners. Bret discusses Maroon’s case with us.

It’s been a while since we’ve reported anything in regards to the prisoner-led struggles (including hunger strikes) against solitary confinement which began in Pelican Bay State Prison. On Feb. 11, there was another hearing on the issue of long term solitary confinement and how it is used in the State of California. This hearing took place at the State’s legislature in Sacramento. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) banned testimony from any prisoners. We read the banned press release signed from four reps from the Inside and with the Pelican Bay Short Corridor Human Rights Movement, Crescent City, California.

We aired a commentary by anti-imperialist political prisoner Jaan Laaman on Lynne Stewart. This was followed with an interview with Claude Herdhuin, the screenwriter and co-director for Lynne Stewart: An American Story. She joined us in the studio for a live interview about what it was like making the film and working with Lynne.

You can download audio here



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