Posted by: prisonradioshow | January 30, 2014

Prison Radio Show – January 30, 2014

In October 2013 work strikes spread in various federal prisons across Canada in response to a policy change, called the Offender Accountability Initiative, which included, amongst other things, a drastic wage cut to prisoners’ wages.

In November 2013 we aired an interview with prisoner Peter Collins from Bath Federal Prison in Bath, Ontario in regards to a Notice of Application for Judicial Review and a Motion for Injunction against Don Head, commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada that he had submitted in response to this policy change. Today we air an update by Peter Collins at what stage this legal process is at currently.

Authors Melissa Munn and Chris Bruckert wrote: On The Outside, From Lengthy Imprisonment to Lasting Freedom a study of 20 men in their post-carceral lives who have successfully resettled into the community after serving at least a decade in Canada’s federal prisons. On today’s show we have a lengthy interview with co-author Melissa Munn on this book.

Plus a few words for Pete Seeger who passed away earlier this week.

You can download audio here



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