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Prison Radio Show – November 29, 2013

We have an interview with Natasha Brien, a first year PhD student in social work who is the creator of a photo exhibit called The Other Half. Natasha is also the founder of SOSOLO, Supporting Ourselves while Supporting Our Loved Ones, a Toronto-based peer support of women who have loved ones in prison.

During the last few shows we have reported about the work strikes that took place in October in various federal prisons throughout Canada. We share a couple of press releases about solidarity actions that took place in both Montreal and Kingston from anarchists in solidarity with these prisoners: supporting their grievances.

Canada’s prison population at all-time high states a CBC article which speaks about the increase of prisoners, especially those of racialized communities incarcerated in Canada’s federal prisons. We share this article as well as additional information with our listeners on this topic.

We have an interview with U Saw Htet, a former political prisoner who has spent almost two decades in the Myanmar jails. Myanmar, the South East Asian country also known as Burma, was under military rule from 1962-2011 resulting in the repression of a people and the incarceration of many who stood in opposition to the dictatorship. U Saw was incarcerated first for joining a rebel group fighting for democracy and then for journalism. U Saw shares his experience in prison and his work since being released in 2011.

We also have a news brief from New York about how the guards union held a surprise work stoppage of the transport of prisoners to court from the infamous Rikers Island prison in order to protect two former guards facing criminal charges for beating prisoners and falsifying records.

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