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Prison Radio Show – October 10, 2013

Double Bunking isn’t recent news in Canada, but it has been getting out of control in our provincial and federal prisons. To discuss this we have an interview with the Executive Director of the John Howard Society, Catherine Latimer. Also included in our discussion with Ms. Latimer, is information derived from a study on double bunking which was published in the peer reviewed Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, and authored by Jarrod Shook of Collins Bay Prison. We’ll be back in a moment with this interview.

We read our monthly segment on birthdays of North American political prisoners that take place in the month of October. This information is obtained from sources in the US. Many political prisoners in the US have languished inside for years, often decades. It should be noted that this list is not necessarily complete and we recognize that there are possibly many more political prisoners and P.O.W.s.

Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 recently won his release from prison only to have died from advanced liver cancer three days later. To speak on Herman’s passing, we have a commentary from anti-imperialist political prisoner Jaan Laaman produced by Prison Radio in the US.  Herman Wallace, an innocent man, was held in solitary confinement for over 41 years.

Today we will air part 2 of a 3 part series of interviews with staff at the Correctional Association of New York which is an independent non-profit organization that advocates for a more humane and effective criminal justice system and a more just and equitable society. In part two of this series we interviewed Scott Paltrowitz, the associate director of the prison visiting project and a member of the campaign for alternatives to isolated confinement in New York State.

We have a short interview with Kira Page who is one of the organizers for an event Canada Behind Bars: On the Incarceration of Indigenous Communities,” which will feature Jessica Danforth, Patricia Eshkibok, and Sheri Pranteau.

You can download audio here



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