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Prison Radio Show – September 12, 2013

Dancing With Imperialism: A Red Army Faction Book Launch and Discussion in Montreal will take place this evening. We have a short interview with the publisher Karl Kersplebedeb.

We’ll have our monthly segment on birthdays of North American political prisoners that take place in the month of September. This information is obtained from sources in the US. Many political prisoners in the US have languished inside for years, often decades. It should be noted that this list is not necessarily complete and we recognize that there are possibly many more political prisoners and P.O.W.s.

We have an interview with Ben Turke, a member of Red Bird Prison Abolition in Ohio, who recently passed through Montreal during his tour with his one-man play Know Your Enemy as well as with presentations of a new documentary on the political prisoners, the Lucasville 5.

Prisoners’ Justice Day, August 10th, was commemorated in various cities across Canada, such as here in Montreal. In Vancouver, folks met in Trout Lake Park at the Claire Culhane memorial bench. We rebroadcast one of these speeches that took place on Prisoners’ Justice Day in Vancouver. Eddie Rouse, a member of West Coast Prison Justice Society and a Lifer, speaks on various issues in regards to the current prison system and abuses inside.

We read an important message from political prisoner Herman Wallace.

Prisoners suspended their Hunger strike in California on its 60th day. We speak with Azadeh Zohrabi from Legal Services for Prisoners with Children about: the present situation of these prisoners, whether there is any impartiality from the Governor of California Jerry Brown in these negotiations given his relationship with the guard’s union, and what were the gains from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), if any, for prisoners held in SHUs with these indefinite sentences.

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