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Prison Radio Show – August 8, 2013

In our monthly segment on birthdays of North American political prisoners, we share with our listeners those birthdays which are in the month of August. This information is obtained from sources in the US. Many political prisoners in the US have languished inside for years, often decades.

The 38th Prisoner’s Justice Day takes place on this August 10th. We have a Prisoners’ Justice Day message from prisoner Peter Collins, who is incarcerated in Bath Prison, in Bath, Ontario.

Known as the people’s lawyer, Lynne Stewart was jailed for the “crime” of defending her client, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as the blind Sheik. Lynne is now a political prisoner and she is dying in prison of stage-four cancer. The warden where Stewart is incarcerated has approved her compassionate release; however the Federal Bureau of Prisons has so far refused to grant it. We have an update on her case including some audio from a demonstration on July 31, in front of the Federal Court in New York City, demanding her release.

We have some updates on the prisoner hunger strike in California which is now into its fifth week. We have learned that two prisoners, who are presently in solitary confinement in the state of North Carolina, have joined the hunger strike as of July 16.

We have an update on the case of political prisoner Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 who, like Lynne Stewart, is asking for compassionate release since he has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.

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