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Prison Radio Show – July 26, 2013

David Cedeno has been incarcerated since late 2011 and in early 2013 undertook a three week hunger strike at the Central North Correctional Centre on Anishnabe land in Penetanguishene Ontario.

This update on Cedeno’s ongoing struggles comes from former prisoner Alex Hundert, who recently spent 9 months at the CNCC for his role in organizing protests against the 2010 Toronto G20.  This interview first aired a month ago on CKMS Radio Waterloo and was produced by the Grand River Media Collective for the show “Waves Through Walls.”

We interview Dolores Canales whose son is incarcerated in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at Pelican Bay State Prison, in California. The PBSP received world-wide attention 2 years ago when there were a series of hunger strikes that took place for which prisoners locked up in these places were asking for the most basic of human rights. It should be noted that SHUs have been denounced by criminologists, psychologists, and prisoner rights advocates around the world and have been described, even in the most mainstream of news sources, as torture. As of July 8, prisoners at the PBSP and various other prisons where prisoners are locked up in either SHUs or Administrative Segregation Units (known as Ad-Seg)s, in California and in Washington and Oregon are on hunger strikes. Dolores’s son is one of those prisoners on hunger strike.

You can download audio here



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