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Prison Radio Show – June 28, 2013

We have an interview with Chanelle Gallant and Lisa-Marie Alatorre, co-creatures of the website Everyday Abolition who collect stories, art, and interviews highlighting the ways prison abolitionists practice and live prison abolition in their work, organizing, and personal lives. This is followed with a commentary with psychotherapist and penal abolitionist Giselle Dais, from London, Ontario show speaks on a world without prisons and suggests that we acquaint ourselves with the web site

We have an interview with former political prisoner of the Angola 3, Robert King. The Prison Radio Show has been covering the case of the Angola 3 for some years now. Robert King is the only member of the Angola 3 that has been freed. He was released in 2001 after 32 years in prison, of which 29 years were done in solitary confinement. The other two members of the Angola 3 are political prisoners Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace, both of who have been incarcerated now for over 4 decades, and who have done over 41 years in solitary confinement. Devastating news has now reached us that Herman Wallace has liver cancer. Robert King speaks about the case of the Angola 3 as well as the present medical condition of Herman.

We air a commentary by journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal titled: Lynne Stewart Fighting For Life. Radical human rights attorney Lynne Stewart has been falsely accused of helping terrorists and she is now a Political Prisoner herself, serving a 10 year sentence. She is presently gravely ill with breast cancer. Mumia asks that we join Ralph’s fight for the Life of his wife – Lynne Stewart.

We read an article written by prisoner C.W. Michael who is incarcerated in the Ontario region and who is also the author of The Criminal’s Handbook, published by Insomniac Press and which is also available for download on the Internet. The article that C. W. Michael shares with us is titled: Safety Bullshit.

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