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Prison Radio Show – June 13, 2013

We share the birthdays of North American Political Prisoners that take place in the month of June. This information is obtained from sources in the US. Many of these political prisoners have languished inside for years, often decades. It should be noted that this list is not necessarily complete and we recognize that there are possibly many more political prisoners and POWs.

On the last Prison Radio Show we heard from death row political prisoner Imam Saddique Abdullah Hasan of the Lucasville Five. Three of the five members of the Lucasville Five were recently on a hunger strike at the Ohio State Penitentiary which began on the 20th anniversary of the prison rebellion on April 11th and ended on May 6th. Today we’ll be hearing from another member of the Lucasville Five, Bomani Shakur, formally known as Keith Lamar. Bomani speaks on why there was an uprising, aspects of the case of the Lucasville Five and why they were going on a hunger strike as well as other issues.

On June 11th, Andre Marin, the Ombudsman of Ontario released a 135 page report that was the product of an investigation started in August 2011 on the Code of Silence among prison guards in the provincial prison system in Ontario. Today we will play segments of his press conference where he speaks on this report.

In 2008, the mother-baby program was cancelled at Maple Ridge’s Alouette Correctional Centre for Women, a provincial jail for women serving sentences of less than two years. Two former prisoners who were affected by the cancellation of this program are currently at the BC Supreme Court, and their lawyer is arguing the cancellation of this program caused them both extreme stress and affected them psychologically. To speak on this on-going case, we have an interview with Laura Track, the Legal Director of the West Coast Women’s Legal Educational and Action Fund.

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