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Prison Radio Show – April 11, 2013

Prison overcrowding is very much an issue within the Canadian Prison Industrial Complex. We have an excerpt from a recent panel on prison overcrowding that took place at Kingston City Hall on March 16th. This was recorded by Queen’s University station CFRC, our sister station’s show Canadian Prison Radio. The excerpt is a unique perspective given by Justin Piché, working as a criminology professor at the University of Ottawa and co-editor of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons.

A panel on prisoner’s health was held in Guelph on March 22nd at the Every Body Conference. We have a part of the panel where Tina Reynolds, co-founder and co-chair of Women on the Rise Telling Her Story (WORTH) and an adjunct lecturer at York College/CUNY. This audio is courtesy of CFRU at the University of Guelph.

Unfortunately there was no time left on our show for our regular monthly feature: Birthdays of North American Political Prisoners. We were to have listed the birthdays of these men and women whose birthdays are in the month of April. So here is the birthday list. To check out other birthdays for other months, go to

Jack Rusk

Birthday April 4

An Occupy Oakland rebel serving a one year sentence for “felonious assault” during a January, 2012 “Fuck the Police” march. Jack was initially facing a variety of trumped up charges, including possession of an explosive device.

Chuck Sims Africa

Birthday April 7 1956

Janet Holloway Africa

Birthday April 14 1951

Janine Philips Africa

Birthday April 25 1956

Chuck, Janet, and Janine Africa are 3 of the people who make up the MOVE 9. There are currently eight MOVE activists in prison, each serving 100 years after being framed for the murder of a cop in 1979. The 9th defendant, Merle Africa, died in prison in 1998. MOVE is an eco-revolutionary group dedicated to liberation struggles. 

Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald                        

Birthday April 11 1949

Chip was a dedicated Panther, who threw himself into his political work, including the Party’s Free Breakfast Program, the tutorial program, selling Panther papers, political education classes and other projects. In 1969, at age 19, he was convicted and sentenced to death for his participation in a police shootout. In 1972 California abolished the death penalty and he was re-sentenced to Life WITH the possibility of parole. Because of his political beliefs he remains in prison while 98% of the people on death row in California in 1972 have been released.

Walter Bond

Birthday April 16

Walter is an imprisoned Animal Liberation Front operative who was arrested in

the summer of 2010 for the A.L.F. Lone Wolf arsons of the Sheepskin Factory in

Denver, Colorado, the Tandy Leather Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah and Tiburon

Restaurant in Sandy, Utah.

Rebecca Rubin                                             

Birthday April 18 1973

Rebecca Rubin is alleged to have been part of five major arsons by the Earth

Liberation Front. She is facing charges of arson and conspiracy for actions that

occurred between 1996 and 2001. (Don’t write to her about her case at all

because she is pre-trial.)

Brent Betterly                                              

Birthday April 19

Brent Betterly is one of three people who were set up by informant(s) just before

the NATO summit in Chicago in May 2012 and are incarcerated while awaiting

trial. They are accused of making molotovs and of saying that they planned to

use them to attack police stations, a Democratic Party campaign office, and the

mayor’s home during the NATO summit. (Don’t write to him about his case at all

because he is pre-trial.)

Marshall Eddie Conway                              

Birthday April 23 1946

Eddie is a Black Panther framed for the murder of a police officer by the FBI’s

infamous COINTELPRO operations. He has been in prison since 1970. Eddie has

released a book on AK press about his life entitled ‘Marshall Law: The Life & Times

of a Baltimore Black Panther.’

Mumia Abu-Jamal                                       

Birthday April 24 1954

In 1981 Mumia, former Black Panther and vocal supporter of MOVE, was framed

for the murder of a cop. Last year Mumia’s death sentence was overturned and,

with pressure from hundreds of supporters, he was released into general


Brandon Baxter                                           

Birthday April 27

Brandon and four others were arrested on May 1st, 2012 and accused of plotting

a series of bombings, including of an area bridge. The FBI, working with an

informant, created the scheme, produced the explosives, and coerced them into



You can download audio here



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