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Prison Radio Show – March 14, 2013

We have information in regards to prisoner Soja Cornelius Harris, who is incarcerated at Ohio State Penitentiary and who recently went to trial on serious trumped up charges. Mr. Harris has also been on a hunger strike and has lost over 50 pounds to date. We also spoke to Ben Turk from Red Bird Prison Abolition on this case about what folks can do.

A landmark report into the representation of Aboriginal people in federal prisons has found they continue to be over represented compared to non-aboriginals 20 years after Canada passed laws to reverse that growing trend. The special report called “Spirit Matters: Aboriginal People and the Corrections and Conditional Release Act” from Canada’s Correctional Investigator Howard Sapers was released in Parliament on March 7. We have part of Sapers’ presentation of this report.

Prisoner Peter Collins, a regular commentator to the Prison Radio Show, reads out a letter that he wrote to the Committee on Justice that is looking at changing CSC’s complaint grievance system. Peter explains why in short it doesn’t work and suggests ways so that it could work efficiently.

Birthdays: So many birthdays are spent behind bars. Today, we’re sharing the dates of birthdays of North American Political Prisoners that take place in the month of March. This information is obtained from sources in the US. Many North American political prisoners have languished inside, often for decades.

News item: 250 prisoners in Quebec City get ill from food.

We have an update on the case of the Angola 3. We will be discussing the legalities in where it concerns recent legal decisions around this case, which specifically touch Albert Woodfox, one of the Angola three. Our update begins with the “breaking the sound barriers” podcast from Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and then followed up with an interview with long-time Angola 3 supporter Tory Pegram, from New Orleans, Louisiana.

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