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Prison Radio Show – February 14, 2013

News on the death of prisoner Kinew James: Ms. James’ death last month was suggested by media sources and James’ family to be caused by the guards’ neglect.

Prisoner Peter Collins, a regular commentator to the Prison Radio Show, shares with us his views on the inquiry into the death of Ashley Smith, the young teenager who died in prison while guards watched her death on video.

We list the birthdays of North American Political Prisoners and POWs that take place in the month of February. This information is obtained from sources in the US. Many of these political prisoners have languished inside for years, often decades. This list is not necessarily complete.

We have a commentary from G20 Political Prisoner Alex Hundert where he speaks about certain cuts that affect prisoners upon release which add to homelessness as well as other issues. As regular listeners know, CKUT will be hosting its 11th annual homelessness marathon later this month.

We have an Update on Alex Hundert’s latest conditions of confinement at the Central North Correctional Centre, in Penetanguishene, Ontario. G20 Political Prisoner Alex Hundert has been deemed a security threat by prison authorities and has been placed in solitary confinement.

Prisoner David Cedeño has recently finished a 20 day hunger strike at the prison called the Central North Correctional Centre. We read a press release from the Solidarity Committee for David Cedeño in regards to this case as well as air a clip from an interview produced by the show Waves through Walls by the Grand River Media Collective.

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