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Prison Radio Show – October 11 2012

A poem from the book Words Without Walls, published in 2007. This book is a compilation of writings & art by women in prison in Nova Scotia.

An interview with Kathy Vandergrift the chair for the Canadian Coalition of the Rights of Children in regards to a UN review that finds Canada falling short on Children’s rights in relation to Bill C-10 and the incarceration and criminalization of youth in Canada.

An interview today with Zoé Dodd from the Prison Moratorium Action Coalition that organized a rally in Toronto, protesting the construction and expansion of prisons and the prison industrial complex in our communities and targeting the Community Dialogue: Architecture for Justice and Renewal conference taking place in Toronto at the same time.

And interview, in French, with Maitre (lawyer) Michel Dorval who has acted in the Disciplinary Board for 10 years in federal prisons. Discussed is a recent letter sent to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews via the acting president to the Board complaining of delays and budget cuts that is affecting their independence and administrative tribunal.

A short look into the issue as reported in the Globe and Mail about the cuts to non-Christian prison chaplains.

An interview with Jose Gallegos from the Los Angeles Youth Justice Coalition in regards to their group calling for a – parallel cease fire in the streets – at the same time that the Prisoners in Pelican Bay State Prison’s Security Housing Unit (SHU) Short Corridor Collective announced a push to End All Hostilities between racial groups within California’s prisons and jails, beginning October 10.

You can download audio here



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