Posted by: prisonradioshow | July 20, 2012

Prison Radio Show – July 20, 2012

From the Breaking Bars, Building Bridges conference that took place in February 2012 in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, we air a talk facilitated by The Fierce and Fabulous Krew, from Guelph, Ontario. The talk is called: The MAS Uprising: Stories and Thoughts from a Queer Prison Gang. (MAS is the acronym for Men Against Sexism). This talk features former political prisoner Ed Mead.

Men Against Sexism (MAS) was made up of almost entirely queer and trans prisoners. In the 70’s, they successfully changed a whole culture within Walla Walla prison where rape and ownership over queer/trans prisoners went from being a power and status symbol to a reason to fear for your life. Walla Walla prison is in Washington State.

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