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Peter Collins Support Committee

Peter Collins has been the most prominent prisoner reporting on the Prison Radio Show and CKUT for over a decade. His interviews have often been shared with other community radio stations coast to coast. He has appeared on GroundWire, a bi-weekly 29-minute news radio program featuring headlines, reports and features from the community radio sector in Canada. Peter has shared artwork, articles and other radio interviews with other alternative media outlets.

He has often supported community radio, giving generously: most recently, during a funding drive for one of our sister stations, CFRO in Kingston, of which he listens to regularly, he donated $100 (which is about 3 months of a prisoner’s wages).

He supports truth seeking grassroots media. He has reported from the inside on the conditions of incarceration in Canadian Federal prisons and the injustices committed by the Correctional Service of Canada; corruption, racism, negligence, torture, etc. Because of this, he has been denied parole.

Note that at Bath Prison, where he is incarcerated there is a censorship board set up only for his artwork. To cite just one example of censorship: on May 26th, 2011, guards came into his cell and confiscated a portrait that he was working on of the late Ashley Smith.

Whether you’re involved with community media – written, video or radio – or not, remember that getting the truth out, there can be consequences. That’s even more so when the State has you under lock and key.

Peter Collins will be going up to the parole board again soon. Previous years he has been constantly denied, because of political commentaries and political cartoons. He has even been told by prison staff that being outspoken against the current Conservative Government in Canada means that he has issues with authority, and should remain inside! Hence, there has been an online petition set up by the Peter Collins Support Committee. The Prison Radio Show strongly encourages all those who believe in freedom of expression and freedom of the press, and just plain old humanitarian terms.

Here is the link to the Peter Collins Support Committee.



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