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Prison Radio Show – February 24, 2012

Excerpts from the workshop – Introduction  to the Prison Industrial Complex – at the Breaking the Bars, Building Bridges conference in Waterloo, Ontario, with psychotherapist and social justice & prisoner rights activist Giselle Dias.

Prisoner Peter Collins, shares with us an opinion piece of his on various subjects: the ‘Tough on Crime’ legislation and how it targets youth; bullying and where youth learn this from; violence against women and the so-called honor killings; and white privilege.

A short interview with John C. Moore, an Ojibway man from Serpent River First Nation, who has been fighting to get his name cleared for over 3 decades. He was convicted of second degree murder in 1978, despite the fact that he was not present when the crime was committed and had no role whatsoever in perpetrating it, and was based solely on him having spent time earlier that day with the individuals who committed the crime. His trials were tainted with systemic racism.

Audio from a rally in support of Leonard Peltier that took place on Feb. 4th in Vancouver. We hear from Brian Grandbois from the Dene Nation, and who has been working to free Leonard Peltier since Leonard was first extradited from Canada to the US.

A re-broadcast, from Democracy Now, of the tragic event in Honduras which resulted in over 350 prisoners being trapped inside a burning prison and burnt to death.

You can download audio here



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