Posted by: prisonradioshow | February 19, 2012

Survivors in Solidarity with Prison Abolition

The Prison Radio Show has learned about an important anthology project called “Survivors in Solidarity with Prison Abolition”.

Working Title: Challenging Convictions: Survivors of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Writing on Solidarity with Prison Abolition.

We learned from those working on this project that the readership is made up of people spread across Europe and North America, and so they decided early on not to geographically limit who could submit to the project. Submissions are to be in English and are due April 15.

We strongly suggest that you visit their website and consider contributing to this anthology project if you have had experiences under such conditions. Obviously prisoners will have to be informed by their family members or friends about this project since Internet is not available to them.

All details about how to contact this group and contribute to this much needed anthology is available on their blog: Survivors in Solidarity with Prison Abolition



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