Posted by: prisonradioshow | October 24, 2011

Interview from Portugal with a supporter of Jorge dos Santos aka George Wright

Tune in to the Prison Radio Show between 11am-12pm on October 28th to hear an interview with a supporter of George Wright speaking on what is happening with his case at this moment. George is presently fighting his extradiction from Portugal to the USA. As some of you may recall in the News, it was written that George Wright was a Black Liberation Army combatant who allegedly highjacked a plane along with others in 1972. You can read a short but somewhat informative text:Agents Claim to Have Captured Alleged BLA Combatant George Wright.

For those who are interested in helping in any kind of monetary way or interested in forming any kind of support committee, they can email:

For more information in Portuguese, we suggest that you check out the following web sites:



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