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Funding Drive on CKUT: The Prison Radio Show asks for your support

2011 Marks the Prison Radio Show’s Eighth Year in Existence.

Another year has gone by and as with each yea r, CKUT reaches out to its listeners during our Annual Funding Drive. This year’s funding drive will take place during October 20th to 30th. The Prison Radio Show is hoping you’ll be able to show your support. As with each year, all CKUT volunteers at the station reach out to our respective communities and we ask you for your support. It now costs $60 to air one hour of radio.

During this year’s funding drive the Prison Radio Show will air between 11am to 12pm Friday October 28th. We hope to hear you call in to contribute to the show. The phone number during the funding drive is: 514-907-9424. This phone number will be repeated continuously during the funding drive, so keep tuned to CKUT, 90.3 fm or

If you’re unable to phone in during the Prison Radio Show but would like to donate, you can always go on-line and pledge by just visiting CKUT’s web site. The instructions will help you through this process easily.

As Usual, CKUT is offering various gifts on-line for our donors. Also if you donate to the Prison Radio Show this year – either by phoning in on October 28th between 11am-12pm or by pledging on-line, you could also get a copy of The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (, a peer-reviewed journal on the prison experience, This year we have 5 copies to give away plus a year’s subscription of the same journal as well. We also have copies of two different posters done by an artist, activist and prisoner. Again, see CKUT’s web site for details.

So what has the Prison Radio Show done this past year?

Along with other excellent programmers at the station, we organized a week of prison focused radio between August 8 and 12, to mark Prisoners’ Justice Day-August 10th. On occasion we have done interviews on news programming such as the Morning After and Off The Hour. We promise to continue this work and more in the year that follows. CKUT archives all of its audio for at least 2 months.
CKUT radio is the voice of the voiceless. One of the most marginalized groups in ALL societies is that of prisoners. Currently we are discussing the affects of the Conservative Government’s Omnibus Bill with its ramifications onto society as a whole, not just those who are incarcerated. Changes to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) will erode the already substandard conditions of Canada’s federal prisons. These are only a couple of the issues.

On the Prison Radio Show we report on how prisoners are fighting back against their cruel conditions such as: work stoppage strikes, as in the State of Georgia; hunger strikes as the State of California; prisoners unionizing as in BC; and the various underreported forms of resistance that take place in Canadian federal prisons and other prisons around the world. We cover news about political prisoners, the wrongfully convicted, women and LGBTQ folks under lock and key and how racialized communities are over represented in the Canadian justice system as a whole, especially those coming from the First Nations Communities.

When we have received news from the outside community concerned about what is happening at certain prisons, we have been able to follow up and do interviews at times. One example would be we not only interviewed a prisoner in a case of medical neglect causing undue suffering, but was also able to contact a CBC journalist to do a report on the same prisoner/issue.

For over 3 years the Prison Radio Show followed the case of Troy Anthony Davis, in the State of Georgia, until his scheduled murder this September that took place by lethal injection and despite the fact that supporters the world over believed him to be innocent. The Prison Radio Show uses the word “murder” because on his death certificate it is written “homicide”. Note that Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated early this year that he is in favour of the death penalty.

We have interviewed authors who write on incarceration and its affects on people. We have reported on restorative and transformative justice. Occasionally we offer some poetry written by prisoners. We read out texts written by prisoners. When possible we do interviews with prisoners and/or collaborate in different ways.

The Prison Radio Show thanks all its listeners, whether they are financially able to donate or not. When we receive feedback for the show we are delighted and we encourage comments and/or suggestions which can be sent to or by leaving a message on our prisoner comment line (info on our web site Of course prisoners can always write us.

The Prison Radio Show in Montreal

CKUT 90.3 FM, 91.7 on cable and

To find out more about upcoming shows, check out the calendar section of this blog at the top of the page. We also post public activities on our calendar on prison/prisoner issues if we are informed about them.
The Prison Radio Show has two different time slots: The second Thursday of every month between 5-6pm and the fourth Friday of every month between 11am-12pm. The Prison Radio Show alternates with other programs and sometimes we have additional air time during fifth Friday morning slots (11am-12pm).



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