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Prison Radio January 10, 2019

Featured Speakers/Commentators:  Helen Hudson — member of the Certain Days collective; Bill Van Driel – member of Solidarity Across Borders
Contributor:  Prison Radio CKUT  [Contact Contributor]
Summary:  The event was co-organized by the Certain Days Collective and The Caring for Social Justice collective. Today we’ll be airing the recording of the launch of theThe Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers in Montreal, Hamilton, New York and Baltimore, in partnership with a political prisoner being held in maximum-security prison in New York State, David Gilbert. Co-founders Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell were released from prison in 2018.

Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar, that focuses on the theme of Health/Care that took place in Montreal on Thursday, December 13th, 2018, 6:30 PM at QPIRG- Concordia. The proceeds from the calendar will go to Addameer (a prisoner support organization in Palestine) and Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP – a campaign mobilizing around the release of aging prisoners). For more info : https://www.certaindays.

The Caring for Social Justice Collective is a recently formed collective based in Tio’ta:ke (Montreal) who organize around issues relating to social justice in healthcare. Email:

You can download the entire show here:


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Prison Radio Dec 28, 2018

Featured Speakers/Commentators:  Justin Piche. Professor of Criminology at Ottawa U.; Emily Hill, who works for Aboriginal Legal Services in Toronto.
Contributor:  Prison Radio CKUT  [Contact Contributor]
Summary:  Justin Piche will talk about Trudeau announcement that his government will end solitary confinement in Canada. I will believe it when I see it. Also, Emily Hill will delve into the Ewert Supreme Court decision that is about the applicability of psychological assessment tests for indigenous people caught up in the legal system.


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Prison Radio Nov 23, 2018

Featured Speakers/Commentators:  Dr. Karen Gedney; author, public speaker and internal medicine specialist.
Contributor:  Prison Radio CKUT  [Contact Contributor]
Summary:  Dr. Karen Gedney is an author, motivational speaker, internal medicine specialist, sits on medical boards, is active in her community in early crime prevention and in prison reform. She is here today to discuss her debut book “30 Years Behind Bars: Trials of a Prison Doctor.” As a woman working in an all-male Nevada State prison, she brings an unique and compelling story to something that few in the public know or understand. A great interview. A great book. An amazing woman. Enjoy.


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Nov 8, 2018

Featured Speakers/Commentators:  From Rap Battles for Social Justice (RB4SJ); Freestyle Rap from in prison.
Contributor:  Prison Radio CKUT  [Contact Contributor]
Summary:  Thanks to Maud from RB4SJ, we were able to air a freestyle rap show from prison with the words chosen by the prisoners themselves. Unfortunately, our main interview with Dr. Karen Gedney was not able to air due to technical difficulties and will hopefully air on our next show the last Friday of this month. But there is still a lot of good music on this one and we were very happy to support RB4SJ and the good they are doing to get the word out. You can download the entire show here
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Prison Radio October 26, 2018

Download entire show. Here:


Featured Speakers:

Max Siegelbaum, an independent journalist who co-founded the website Documented; Helen, from The Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar.


Contributor:  Prison Radio CKUT  [Contact Contributor]
Summary:  The website that Max Siegelbaum co-founded focuses on issues facing immigrants in New York City. A couple weeks ago Max broke a story about the Canadian Pension Plan’s investments in private prisons in the US. We talked to him about that story, about ethical investing, and about where else the CPP is putting their money.

Then our interview with Helen from The Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar project. Great project and a great interview.

Website for Certain Days:

Mailing address for Certain Days:
Certain Days
c/o QPIRG Concordia
1455 de Maisonneuve West
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1M8

Places to buy The Certain Days Calendar in Montreal: Insoumise bookstore; Concordia COOP bookstore; Le Frigo Vert; QPIRG Concordia; Euguelionne Feminist bookstore.

Finally, we’ll be airing audio from a demonstration that took place on Sunday October 21 in Montreal against the International Corrections and Prisons Association conference. This conference was hosted by Correctional Services Canada and has been happening all week at the Marriott Hotel on de la Gauchetiere in downtown Montreal. They only know one way to act: build more prisons and have stricter enforcement inside. What’s new, hey? This is why we have to keep fighting for prisoners rights. First them, then us, the citizens who stand by and stay silent. Stand up and DO SOMETHING!

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Prison Radio Oct 11, 2018

Today we’ll be airing part of Rust Belt Abolition Radio’s Episode number 19, Rust Belt Abolition Radio is an abolitionist media and movement-building project based in Detroit, Michigan. In this episode, Nick Estes talks about the anti-Indian origins of the carceral state within the US settler colonial project and argues that indigenous liberation offers critical frameworks for understanding how to abolish the state control and abuse.To hear the entire episode or read the transcript, visit

Next up is a part of an interview with former political prisoner Ann Hansen, whose newest book will also be featured at a book launch in Montreal later this month. This interview was done by the folks at From Embers. In the interview, Ann talks about her recently published memoir, as well as changing prison conditions in the now-closed Prison for Women (P4W) in Kingston and Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, the importance of relationships with other women in prison, legal and political strategy following Ann’s arrest, the difficulties of telling stories about one’s life and other people in it, and more.

You can download the entire show:here

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Prison Radio Show Sept 28, 2018



Featured speakers: Gene, Prison Radio Show coordinator; Ashanti Alston, anarchist, writer and former member of the Black Panther Party.

Gene reads a letter from Tommy Bassio, a federal prisoner and activist fighting for prisoners rights. Tommy sends a call out to his fellow cons, asking them to get involved in getting the word out to the public about the abuses they are experiencing in prison. After all, if the people on the street fighting for them don’t know, then who will? Ashanti Alston, who is also a revolutionary, speaker, organizer and motivator, gives a great interview on the fate of political prisoners, prisons today and on the National Jerico Movement to free U.S. political prisoners. And so much more. Insightful and informative. This show has it all. Listen, enjoy, and introduce someone new to the Prison Radio Show. Like the theme of the show says; if we don’t move the info, then we don’t move the narrative.



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Sept 13, 2018

Featured Speakers/Commentators:  Daniel, grassroots prisoner rights supporter; Don and Gene, prisoners talking about Prisoner Justice Day.
Contributor:  Prison Radio CKUT  [Contact Contributor]
Summary:  Daniel joins us from Halifax, Nova Scotia (or Mikmaw territory) and talks about the September 9, 2018 “Noise” demonstration outside the Burnside provincial prison in solidarity with the prisoners who were striking against the conditions inside and the incredible hardships their loved ones face trying to navigate the roadblocks used against them by the prison bureaucracy. As for Don and Gene, these are two men who have lived first-hand PJD’s from inception to present. You don’t want to miss their insightful opinions on this always important symbol of prisoner rights.

You can download the entire show: here

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August 24, 2018

Prison Radio Show – August 24, 2018

Show featured news and a long interview with Yusuf Faqiri whose brother Soleiman was killed by prison guards in Lindsay Ontario in December 2016.


August 24, 2018

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August 9, 2018

This show featured an interview with Robert Gaucher; a retired criminology professor from the University of Ottawa. This was our Prison Justice Day episode. We also aired audio from past PJD radio shows including a piece about a prisoner named Steve who died in prison a few years ago and a piece featuring someone from the Termite Collective talking about deaths in prison.

Some more information about Professor Gaucher: Not only is Mr. Gaucher a retired criminology professor, but he also did time in one of the federal prisons he talks about. So, we have a unique perspective as he takes us on a history lesson of Canadian prisons from the twenties through the penal reform era of the forties and sixties. Robert discusses former prisoner rights groups based inside and outside prisons and how some of the well-known activists, like the late, great Claire Culhane were instrumental in raising public awareness and in penal reform. Robert says that it was Culhane who ignited his metamorphosis to prison activist and fundraiser for social issues. Mr. Gaucher gives an articulate, thought-provoking insight at a pivotal time in prison life and change. Worth listening to, again and again. So throw on those headphones and enjoy!

You can download this entire episode here:

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